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Noise and reverberation in gyms

Noise and reverberation in gyms and in sports halls

A fitness center is full of sounds. Many exercise machines, conversations and music contribute to a significant noise picture. Large, open rooms with concrete floors and ceilings, large windows, mirrors and other hard surfaces provide significant reverberation, and make conversations difficult in addition to creating a stressful environment. If you train under the instructions of a coach, misunderstandings can easily arise.

The EU has an indicated maximum limit for noise in gyms of 80 dB with a maximum stay of 90 minutes. The noise level must be reduced to an acceptable indoor level and then you must reduce the passage of noise to the building's structure, so that you do not disturb others who live or work in the building. Sometimes the location of the place can be at external noise sources that you also want to prevent from entering.

How to reduce noise and reverberation in gyms and sports halls

The individual noise sources in the gym must be secured as best as possible by going through the various devices and see what can be done to reduce the noise to the maximum.

  • Weights must have strong absorbents to fall on.
  • Treadmills should have both vibration mats underneath and a barrier against the floor to reduce airborne noise into the structure.
  • Spinning bikes should have noise-absorbing shielding around the compartment.
  • The room should be equipped with noise-absorbing panels in the ceiling and at the top of walls with about 30% of the floor area if possible.

Some forms of exercise use the wall as resistance in, for example, ball games. In addition to set goals, wins, hit plates and the like. place solid silencers at the rear, which can take a jerk occasionally without being damaged. Valves can be a noisy carrier and should be clad inside and out.

Dempit Komfort (60 x 120 cm) is made of 3 cm acoustic fiber in a light metal frame, and can easily be screwed up with hangers in the ceiling or wall. 25-30% of the floor surface will absorb resonance significantly.

Noise reduction of floors in gym

A good solution for a practical surface for various exercise equipment are special mats with integrated locking. We have different types of models for use in sports and weightlifting. All components are made of high quality rubber granules, hardened with good elastic and acoustic properties.

For whole decks we use mats with puzzle locks.
Ordinary cover for general use: 18 mm.
Strong cover that takes a lot of blows from weights: 30 mm.
Extra strong cover intended for very heavy weights: 45 mm.

These have a patented locking system so that they do not slide apart and are easy to keep clean.
The 30 mm and 45 mm mats are also available as square tiles for building platforms.
45 mm is stronger than Olympic standard. Available in 50x50 cm, 50x100 cm and 100x100 cm in several colors. The mats catch large blows and thumps from weights, and protect the floor, the building, neighbors and participants, and are very durable. You can create whole solutions or part solutions with these.

Noise reduction under exercise equipment

One device that often causes noise into the structure is the treadmill. The blows of falling when running contain a lot of energy. This is most often transplanted through the legs of the treadmill to the floor, but also as airborne noise from the treadmill that hits the floor and near walls.

Avoid placing the appliance in corners or close to walls, try to get them as free-standing as possible. Make sure that the appliance works properly without making any noise caused by wear and tear where parts have to be tightened and / or replaced.

Acousti block 3 mm is cut to the length of the appliance and laid first on the floor.
A vibration mat of at least 5 mm is laid over this.
For larger and heavier equipment that provides vibration, use a 20 mm Heron vibration mat.

If you want to know more about what can reduce annoying noise in gyms or sports halls, contact us for a non-binding conversation.

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