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Noise from pipe systems

Noise from pipe systems

Pipes can cause a variety of types of noise. Pipes transport noise and resonance from connected machines. A lot of this can be reduced by a plumber or you can do some yourself. But even after some regulation of the system, one can be left with noise.

The most common forms of noise are:

  1. Punch the pipe system when you turn on the tap. This is due to too high water pressure.
  2. Squeaks and thumps. This is due to the expansion of pipes with hot water in clamps that hold it in place.
  3. Excessive tension in the pipe without attachment can cause oscillations. Too sharp turns combined with high pressure can make hissing noises.

How to rduce noise from pipe systems

Cladding the pipe systems with Acoustiblok or Tecsound FT 55 ALU significantly reduces such noise. Tecsound is specially designed for pipes and consists of acoustic felt laminated to muffler, clad with strong aluminum fabric. Cover around the pipe, fasten with an electric strip and close with aluminum tape. Acousti block can also be used outdoors, as it can withstand water, acid and UV rays.

Get in touch if you want to know more about what measures you can take to reduce noise from pipes.

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