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Noise in a house

The type of noise that most often bother us is noise in the home.

It can come from outside, from traffic and machines, or from neighbors. It can come from floor below or above - or through walls. Often, there is a need for refurbishment of older homes, changed usage, such as. rental units or in rental houses where there are new noisy neighbors who destroy the necessary silence. One may wish to change the form of use in a room for music exercise, home theater or the like.

We have a number of products that can help with the reduction of through-going noise in ceilings, walls and floors as well as step noise noise that is particularly low-frequency sound.

They don't take up much space

Most common is Acoustiblok 3 mm and Tecsound 50, 2.8 m As Acoustiblok 3 mm and Tecsound 2.6 mm convert noise energy into friction energy in the molecular mass and a small vibration energy in the surface, there must be at least one layer of woolboard to the cloth if they don't lean on anything else soft.

But you have to keep this in mind: No two houses are exactly the same in terms of construction, building materials and noise pipes.


The first paragraph of your plan should be in good standing: Where does the noise come from, directly and indirectly? What kind of noise and who is shy of this. How is your house built, what materials are it? Special considerations and needs? There are several ways to solve the task. Consider this and make a plan. Remember that as long as the noise cloth is inside the "layer cake" in the ceiling / wall / floor, it is indifferent where.

When you have a sketch for solution please contact us further.

REMEMBER: We can document values for what the products do, but can never guarantee the final experience, as this depends on a wide variety of factors beyond our control. Experience will all help, but the nature of the noise, distribution in frequencies, quality and type of other building materials, type of environment and the assembly of the products will affect to varying degrees.

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Acoustiblok 16- 12,5 m² roll

kr 6,999
ink. mva.

Acoustiblok Wallcover

kr 2,944
ink. mva.

Acousticaulk Sound Sealant

kr 248
ink. mva.

Acoustigrip Tape AGT-60

kr 488
ink. mva.