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Noise in kindergarden

Many kindergartens are plagued by reverberation noise

For those who work there, this can cause major health problems beyond the sheer discomfort. Fortunately, there is a technologically advanced product that absorbs and reduces this noise to provide a more comfortable environment for both adults and children and fills the kindergarten standard with the noise going down by 60dB within 0.6 seconds

Lydac Dampit

We have a special Danish product called DÆMPIT, which reduces significantly with reverberation in rooms with hard surfaces. Normally these are mounted on the ceiling, but they can also be mounted on walls. They can easily be mounted with 2 supplied brackets, which are screwed in and then clipped onto the plate. They should be spread a little over find a suitable pattern / distribution.

The plate a 3 cm thick and the hoop holds it 3 cm from the ceiling / wall.

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