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Noise reduction of whirlpool/jacuzzi

Do you already have one or are you planning to get a jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi / Jacuzzi is a source of a lot of annoying noise, which is not easy to control. There are measures that reduce noise from the whirlpool / jacuzzi. The main source of noise is motors, pumps and compressors. These spread noise and vibrations directly to the surface and walls around, to the pool, through attachments to pipes and other things. If the hot tub is on a wooden deck, this will often amplify the noise.

Important points:

  • Is the motor properly fastened and tightened well in the fasteners?
  • Are pipes, nozzles and water adjusted to the correct pressure?
  • Are pump motors worn in bearings?
  • This is a job for installers of the equipment.
  • This is a job for installers of the equipment. If the above points are in order, then there are several measures you can take yourself to reduce the noise from the jacuzzi.

Noise reduction of whirlpool / jacuzzi

An important principle in noise reduction is that the closer you get to the noise source, the better. When it comes to engines, it is also necessary for air and heat to pass. The noise you hear comes via airborne noise and structure-borne noise.

Under the entire construction there should be a solid mat made of rubber - about 2 cm. This picks up a lot of vibration. But noise also comes from engine and propagated vascular noise. Therefore, a 3 mm Acoustiblok noise screen is laid, which reduces 28 dB of continuous noise.

Noise reduction of motor housing

If you can dress the walls inside with Acoustiblok, that's fine. It is not possible to look at possibilities for other forms of noise insulation for airborne noise. Look at all attachments and connectors, loosen them and insert rubber liners in between before screwing again.

Outdoor noise shielding

Install noise walls / screen walls as close to the whirlpool as possible. To prevent noise from going directly from the system to neighbors' windows or walls, you can break these with walls / screens you cover with Rockwool as well as a 3 mm Acousti block and plate above.

Do you use hard surfaces such as tiles, glass, etc. remember that a lot of noise is reflected.

Order noise reduction for whirlpools / jacuzzis in our online store, or get in touch for a pleasant and casual conversation.

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Acoustiblok 16- 12,5 m² roll

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Acoustiblok Acoustifence

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Acoustiblok Wallcover

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Acousticaulk Sound Sealant

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Acoustigrip Tape AGT-60

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Heron Vibrastop GF 10mm

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