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Do you struggle with noise at home or at work? Challenges with noise are a growing problem and the sources of noise can be many. Noise is unwanted sound in various forms and frequencies, often at too high a level. If you are exposed to noise for a long time, or high levels for short periods, you can damage both hearing and health. Many people are bothered by noise from the neighbor, footstep noise, echo, reverberation, work noise, industrial noise, car noise, footstep noise, pipe noise, exterior noise, car noise, whirlpool / jaczzi noise, heat pump noise, shooting noise, car noise, noise from music room and home theater system. Below is a selection of our noise reduction products to help you reduce noise.

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Acoustiblok 12,5 m² rull

kr 6 998,68 incl tax

Acoustiblok AWSP 1220x2440x61

kr 9 388,00 incl tax

Acoustiblok Wallcover

kr 4 036,23 incl tax

Acoustigrip Tape AGT-60

kr 488,00 incl tax

EcoSUND Effekt Hush 5x60x120 Grå

From kr 2 369,00 incl tax


From kr 2 369,00 incl tax

Heron Hangman 100x240cm

kr 3 125,00 incl tax

Heron Porisorb Basstrap

From kr 389,00 incl tax

Heron Porisorb Pyramide

From kr 99,00 incl tax

Heron Porisorb Wedge

From kr 99,00 incl tax

Heron Reapor

kr 770,00 incl tax

Heron Tecsound 50

kr 2 181,36 incl tax

Heron Tecsound 70

kr 3 037,80 incl tax

Heron Tecsound S-Band 3 mm

kr 125,00 incl tax

Heron Tecsound SY50

kr 3 045,12 incl tax

Heron Vibrastop GF 3mm

kr 2 079,00 incl tax

Lydac Dempit Hvit

kr 999,00 incl tax

Lydac Dempit Sort

kr 1 250,00 incl tax

Lydac P

From kr 1 476,00 incl tax

Lydac P Lydabsorberende sort plate

From kr 1 476,00 incl tax

Pyrotek Sorberpoly 3DNW

kr 15 624,00 incl tax

Pyrotek Tape ALR 50mm

kr 319,00 incl tax

Silent Deko kunst Janne Hartmann

From kr 3 528,00 incl tax

Silent Deko kunst Lars Mikkes

From kr 3 528,00 incl tax

Stillhet Fitness SBR30 puslefliser

From kr 540,00 incl tax

Stillhet Fixing PT70

kr 12,50 incl tax


kr 500,00 incl tax