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Shooting range noise

Noise isolation of shooting ranges

Modern shooting ranges - indoors as well as outdoors - require that you take the noise reduction seriously, to avoid injury to employees and shooters and avoid complaints from neighbors.

Shooting ranges are designed with safety in the tanks, solid walls, ceilings and floors that give hard reflective noise as
echo and echo good opportunities on a shooting range. Guns are high up in the decibel level and can damage the users - therefore there is a need for hearing protection. Also for employees on the track there is a strain with steady noise of shots.

The ranges are in different ways isolated from neighbors, be it housing or business. But one common problem is that at some point the neighbors find it unbearable with shooting noise. Not just the level of the individual shot, but the amount of these shots. They often organize themselves and complain and try to drive the shooting range away from the area. Whether they succeed with this or not, it can be quite unpleasant and expensive with legal costs and time to find compromises.

Now in recent years, noise suppression materials have become more sophisticated and several shooting ranges use noise-canceling walls and curtains to dramatically reduce noise, both in the area and for the neighbors.

Acoustiblok supplies material that assists with this. Furthermore, they have noise-panel for indoor use that does not absorb dust from lead, as some other materials do. Sound Panels are available with a microfine steel filter that prevents lead dust from entering the noise-absorbing material. This makes it easier to collect and in many countries this is in accordance with the laws on environment and health.

By installing Acoustiblok noise suppressors you can:

  • Reducing noise level on each shot
  • Protecting shooters and employees from noise
  • Reduction of echoes and resonance of the bangs
  • Creating a noise dampening wall from the shooting range towards neighbors
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Acoustiblok 16- 12,5 m² roll

kr 6,999
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Acoustiblok Acoustifence

kr 13,009
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Acoustiblok Wallcover

kr 2,944
ink. mva.

Acousticaulk Sound Sealant

kr 248
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Acoustigrip Tape AGT-60

kr 488
ink. mva.

Pyrotek Sorberpoly 3DNW

kr 15,624
ink. mva.

Pyrotek Tape ALR 50mm

kr 319
ink. mva.