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Work noise

Here we are talking about workplaces where there is too high a noise level. It can be generated by noisy machines, blows, vibrations and reverberations. Here, there are clear regulations that one can postpone the front and / or the noise environment is so unpleasant that it detects those who are staying there. Fortunately, there are a number of measures we can use to reduce noise levels to an acceptable level.

The noise will normally be a mixture of:

  • Airborne noise
  • Reverberating noise
  • Structural noise
  • Propagated transported noise in pipes, ventilation ducts i.a.
  • Vibrations
  • In the worse case: resonance noise, (collision between noise to other noise / natural frequency of the same value)

The sources can be many and vary in strength and large distribution between frequencies It can come from numerous types of activity that cause mechanical movement where energy is emitted as noise energy or physically transferable energy that goes to the contact points of the machine.

So what can we do about this?
First, define what the problem is. Noise levels are too high for a worker who stays in space - perhaps above the HSE limits. Is it just unpleasant and you want to improve the level? Are neighbors out of trouble? Or do you want to reduce noise a sector of the room, a corner, or a special machine?

We look a little at what solutions we have for different noise stores.

Contact us for a conversation about which products can reduce noise in your workplace, or visit our online store.

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Heron Hangman 100x240cm

kr 3 125,00
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Heron Porisorb Basstrap

From kr 389,00
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Heron Porisorb Pyramide

From kr 99,00
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Heron Porisorb Wedge

From kr 99,00
ink. mva.

Heron Reapor

kr 770,00
ink. mva.

Heron Tecsound 50

kr 2 181,36
ink. mva.

Heron Tecsound 70

kr 3 037,80
ink. mva.

Heron Tecsound S-Band 3 mm

kr 125,00
ink. mva.

Heron Tecsound SY50

kr 3 045,12
ink. mva.

Heron Texfon Trinnlydsduk 100x2000

kr 2 940,00
ink. mva.

Lydac Dempit Hvit

kr 999,00
ink. mva.

Lydac P

From kr 1 476,00
ink. mva.

Lydac P Lydabsorberende sort plate

From kr 1 476,00
ink. mva.